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WildSmiles — braces that rock!®

Take your orthodontic braces from mild to wild with WildSmiles braces! WildSmiles braces are specially designed brackets that come in a variety of fun shapes including stars, hearts, soccer balls, footballs, flowers, and Super-Diamonds®. Designed to make your orthodontic experience fun, WildSmiles are a unique alternative to traditional braces.


Personalize your orthodontic experience and Go Wild!

With traditional metal braces, that's all you get - metal braces. With WildSmiles, you can choose your favorite shape and mix the brackets with colored elastics for added individuality and a completely customized experience. WildSmiles braces transform your smile into a work of art!

How do WildSmiles Braces work?

WildSmiles braces are patented designs that are as easy to place and remove as traditional braces. The low-profile brackets can be used with traditional and self-ligating braces systems to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted, while having fun and feeling confident. WildSmiles braces work the same as traditional braces, and are aesthetic, comfortable and safe for patients of all ages.


How can I create my own WildSmiles experience?

It is simple, follow these easy steps and you will have WildSmiles Braces in no time!

  1. Choose your smile - Flowers, footballs, hearts, soccer balls, stars, and super-diamonds - you get to decide what your smile looks like during your treatment, so choose your favorite shape for a personalized look that is all you!
  2. Visit your orthodontist for a braces consultation - WildSmiles Braces are available to orthodontists worldwide. During your consultation, your orthodontist can answer any questions that you may have.
  3. Tell your orthodontist which "wild" shape you want to wear - Print off your "WildSmiles Braces Request Page" to give to your orthodontist before you begin your treatment.

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